Miami LED Dance Floor Rental

LED Dance Floor Rental Miami

3 Reasons why our Miami customers want to rent the 3D Infinity Dance Floor:

  1. The 3D Infinity Dance Floor adds a touch of sophistication and coolness to their corporate event. Miami customers need to create an event that lets their guests have the best corporate experience
  2. We can create an LED dance floor of up to 24 x 24 feet which is very large.
  3. Some of our Miami customers love to mix the 3D Infinity Dance Floor with other glow sofas or even mix in different styles of furniture, black/white leather sofas, aluminum frame sofas, light up high top tables and chairs.

View below a recent corporate glow event in Miami featuring not only our glow high top and light us sofas but our top of the line 3D Infinity Dance Floor:

Miami LED dance floor rental

Thinking about ways to add lights to your Miami event? We can provide you with the coolest dance floor in the industry. Our LED Dance Floor Rental is a hit for our Miami, South Beach corporate clients looking to add a touch of sophistication to their Miami corporate event.

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Miami LED Dance Floor Rental

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