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LED Furniture Rental in Miami

LED/Glow Furniture rental servicesĀ inĀ Miami, Broward & Palm Beach. Miami Furniture Rental has a big selection of battery-powered LED Bars, Glow Sofas, LED Chairs, Glow Tables and light up decor items to make your event and unforgettable experience.

See below a video we produced for an event in a hangar…

Miami Furniture Rental provides rental furniture and decor items for all types of events throughout the Miami, Sarasota and Orlando area. We not only carry LED/Glow furniture and decor items but also have a big inventory of leather sofas and saties, side coffee tables, grass turf furniture pieces, aluminum sofas, tables and high tops and more. We have worked with clients that are hosting special house parties, weddings, conventions, trade shows and more. For immediate assistance please call Rainer Scheer at 941-448-0995.

LED/Glow Bar at a NYE event in Sarasota, FL

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