LED dance floor rental Miami

LED Dance Floor Rental in Miami, FL

Are you planning an event and need a company to partner with to help light up your event?
Miami Furniture Rental not only rents cool, chic and unique LED furniture and decor items but we offer a top of the line 3D Infinity LED Dance Floor.
Let’s light up your space with our 3D Infinity Dance Floor to add a touch of light and sophistication to your event.

Video shot at the Together Again Expo by our in-house video team Ink Graphics Media

Get our LED Dance floor for your special party or event in Miami, FL

An illuminated dance floor, LED dance floor or disco dance floor is a floor with panels or tiles that light up with different colours. They are used for dance. They were popularised for disco by the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever, which had gotten its inspiration from a floor that director John Badham had seen at “The Club”, a private supper club in Birmingham, Alabama.

3D Infinity Dance Floor at NOVA535

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